Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yet Another Festive Fifty-themed post

Here are ten songs today from the legendary Festive Fifty compiled by John Peel. As yesterday's entry focused on the eighties, it seemed only fair to do the nineties today. Some of the records were obscure, but other artists went on to do massively well. Much like the eighties, in fact.

The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy -'Television: The Drug Of The Nation.' mp3 (1992 Festive Fifty No.38)

Dawn Of the Replicants -'Science Fiction Freak.' mp3 (1999 Festive Fifty No.29)

The Orb -'The Box.' mp3 (1996 Festive Fifty No.7)

The Fall -'Bill Is Dead.' mp3 (1990 Festive Fifty No.1)

Nirvana -'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?' mp3 (1994 Festive Fifty no.27)

Hefner -'The Hymn For the Cigarettes.' mp3 (1999 Festive Fifty no.2)

Orbital -'Blue Room.' mp3 (1992 Festive Fifty No. 20)

AC Acoustics -'I Messiah Am Jailer.' mp3 (1997 Festive Fifty no.19)*

Slowdive -'Catch the Breeze.' mp3 (1991 Festive Fifty No.20)

Paris Angels -'All On You(Perfume).' mp3 (1990 Festive Fifty no.6)

* OK, I'm aware that there were only thirty-one records in the chart that year due to restrictions on John Peel's time. But you get the point, yes?


Anonymous said...

another great festive 50 post, thanks again for the dax tunes, first born is safe (for now!!!)

Anonymous said...

second post, so much time so little to do, looking through these posts i went over to the peel pages and had a look at the history of the festive 50, so many great forgotten records, anyone else remember the bushes scream when my daddy prunes by the very things, so wrong yet so so right

Ed said...

AJ -glad you like it

Anonymous -have to be honest, I only know of the Very Things due to them being on the Festive Fifty but will start hunting.


So It Goes said...

Excellent FF posts, Ed...trying to make me redundant, are you???!! ;-))

Ed said...

I wouldn't dream of it, Steve, see it as your inspiration!


So It Goes said...

And inspire me you have, my good friend...see my latest post. Anonymous, your wish is granted.

timaerts said...

You mixed two tracks up:

- Blue Room is an Orb track
- and The Box is an Orbital track

Ed said...

Cheers -this post was six months ago, but you are the first to pick it up.