Monday, January 07, 2008

More great stuff for 2008 - Presenting The Sessions

The Sessions hail from London. I have been playing their stuff on the iPod a fair bit over the last few days, and it grows on you more and more with every listen, as all the best stuff should. They are currently unsigned, but have two releases available through iTunes and are playing Alan McGee's club, The Queen Is Dead, in February. Sit up and take note!

The Sessions -'So Wanna Go.' mp3

The Sessions -'What Is This Feeling.' mp3

and if you fancy some remixes and re-recordings...

The Sessions -'What Is remix.' mp3

The Sessions -'So Wanna Go 2008.' mp3

There are two EPs available through iTunes UK, the Troubled Life Of No-one Else and What Is This Feeling?


Ed said...

this appeared on my myspace:
"The Troubled Life of No One Else" is not us, its another band called The Sessions. However, all the rest is us

Thanks for the post though mate, thats good of you, glad you like what you hear


Anonymous said...

there's also a band called the sessions that are originally from vancouver. check them on their myspace. sessionsmusic