Tuesday, January 15, 2008

For Those Who Stand Alone - Presenting the Lonely Fires

Last year, I wrote about an unsigned band from Glasgow called Serpico, who I was very excited about and who I thought had some fantastic guitar tunes and deserved to do well. They still have some great tunes and they are now called The Lonely Fires, and have a new drummer...though they are very cagey and discreet about who is actually in them, acording to their MySpace- no-one! Mystique is always good...However two members of the band emailed to get in touch and also sent me some mp3s, so see what you think of these:

The Lonely Fires - 'No-one Song.' mp3

The Lonely Fires - 'Sophia.' mp3

The Lonely Fires - 'Lullaby.' mp3

And as ever, if you like what you hear, go and make friends with them at their MySpace page.


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Ed said...

Dear Anonymous

re: that appalling piece of religious bigotry that you left in the messages:

Please get psychological help, and NEVER post here again.