Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Upcoming new releases...

Five tracks from three upcoming albums I'm looking forward to...

Hot Chip's Made In The Dark is already getting bloggers salivating across the blogosphere. 'Ready For The Floor' is getting airplay, and the album sounds like it should be as big or even bigger than The Warning. This is due out on February 4.

Hot Chip -'Ready For The Floor.' mp3 FILE REMOVED BY REQUEST

Hot Chip -'Bendable Poseable.' mp3 FILE REMOVED BY REQUEST

Adele's gone straight to no.2 in the charts with 'Chasing Pavements and her debut 19 is out next week. This year's Kate Nash or Lily Allen? Why is that a bad thing? For my money, I prefer 'Hometown Glory.'

Adele -'Chasing Pavements.' mp3 FILE REMOVED BY POLITE REQUEST

Adele -'Hometown Glory.' mp3 FILE REMOVED BY POLITE REQUEST

Finally, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are set to release their fourteenth studio album Dig, Lazarus Dig on March 3. A new Nick Cave album is always worth getting excited about, and as the greatest living Australian, worth hearing and seeing.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds -'Dig Lazarus Dig!' mp3

As always, if you like what you hear, support the artists involved by buying the music, going to gigs etc..


Anonymous said...

like the sound of the new nick cave, i was becoming a bit jaded towards his later stuff but this sounds like a return to form

mattr said...

For a quick fix, the Nick Cave & Warren Ellis soundtrack to 'The assassination of Jesse James' is really nice.

Ed said...

AJ -whilst Nick cave has never yet made an album I didn't like, apart from the Grinderman project, this sounds like the most dirty raw thing he's been involved withfor over a decade.

Mattr -thanks for reminding me about that album, was aware it was out but haven't got around to hearing it yet!


Anonymous said...

Chasing pavements is better then homeown but hometown is still a g8 song

Ed said...

Inout always welcome, but please leave your name next time; we're all friends here!


TheKarin said...

Hey, too bad the mp3s have been removed!
but the video for Hot Chip's "Ready For The floor" is around

Matt said...

I agree that Adele is this year's Kate Nash, and that's obviously not a good thing.

Ed said...

Hot Chip mp3s were removed after nasty, threatening sounding email.

As for Adele being the new Kate nash, have to confess I like them both, but i never said this was a trendy blog!