Thursday, January 10, 2008

...Brain meltdown

...very was fine but cannot think of anything really focused to write...

so I hope you enjoy six quality songs whilst I try and focus again...

Sparks -'This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us.' mp3

Specials -'Ghost Town.' mp3

Rogers Sisters -'Never Learn To Cry.' mp3

Feist -'1234.' mp3

Tokyo Police Club -'Nature Of The Experiment.' mp3

The Ragga Twins -'Illegal Gunshot.' mp3


Clare said...

Sorry to be pedantic but they're called Tokyo Police Club.

Ed said...

Doh! like i said, brain meltdown, will change it from Tokyo Police Department to Club.

cheers, Clare

Punk Not Profit said...

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vinciboy said...

Uuhm... how am I supposed to enjoy them? where are the links?

Ed said...

Vinciboy -the links are only up for two weeks, as they are intended for sampling, and I'm afraid you are passed those two weeks.
as I post most days keep checking back to see what appears.