Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Peel-related rummage

As you will have noted, I have been doing a lot of Peel-related posts of late. I have also noted other bloggers doing posts on singles that they have found during a rummage in cupboards or wherever, including Song, By Toad and The Vinyl Villain. why not combine the two?

The Sugarcubes are legendary as the biggest band to have come out of Iceland, at least until Sigur Ros, and the fact that their lead singer, Bjork has had a substantial amount of solo success since the band split in 1992. Their debut single 'Birthday' was no.1 in the 1987 Festive Fifty, as well as a minor chart hit, (and no.23 in the Millennium Festive Fifty!) It paved the way for their 1988 debutalbumLife's Too Good. But (as well as a later remix in 1992 at the time of the band's split), there was another version of the song, re-recorded in 1988, which featured Jim and William Reid of the Jesus and Mary Chain.

I first saw the Sugarcubes on The Chart Show, a fairly revolutionary TV programme given that it was all videos and absolutely no presenters. The Sugarcubes were featured on the once every three weeks indie chart on many occasions, and it was here that I saw the video for Birthday. Weird and wonderful. Interestingly, this version of the single was 'Single Of The Fortnight' in Smash Hits, too. It took me thirteen years to find the CD single, when I did it cost me £8 ($16 US) and as far as I'm concerned, it was worth every penny.

So for your listening pleasure, first up, the Peel-favoured original version of Birthday:

Sugarcubes -'Birthday.' mp3

and the entirety of the 1988 re-recording:

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (Christmas Eve mix).' mp3

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (Christmas Day mix).' mp3

Sugarcubes -'Birthday (Christmas present mix).' mp3

Sugarcubes -'Petrol (live).' mp3

And finally, as treat, the original version of Birthday in Icelandic.

Sugaracubes -'Ammæli (Birthday -Icelandic).' mp3

Oh, and if anyone has got an mp3 of The Sugarcubes doing a song called 'Cat' could they let me know? Ta.


So It Goes said...

I'll pop it in your email box presently!

Anonymous said...

am i the only person who doesn't see the appeal of the minuture icelandic journalist punching headcase's vocal warblings?

Ed said...

sig -so you did and it was a real pleasure to hear! Thank you.

A.J. -There are plenty of people out there who don't like Bjork's voice, I have met many of them1

Anonymous said...

i have these some where in a box, good to be able to hear them again, thanks. also are these not the versions with the reid brothers on them?

Ed said...

Glad you got to hear them again, these are indeed the versions with the Reid brothers on.


jeremy said...


I am enjoying your blog immensely, but that enjoyment is being stifled by the files linked in a few posts being unavailable due to going over bandwidth limits.

:( <-- see?

Could you repost the Sugar Cubes mp3s and perhaps the Tears For Fears 'mad world' track?

Thank you so much!!