Monday, January 21, 2008

Presenting...Dirty Summer

Right...on with the new music!

Dirty Summer are Brodie A L Wishart (bass/vocals), Fergus Christie Jack (keys/vocals), and The Banister (drums/cleaning). They make fantastically raucous pop music that sounds like they are taking the mick out of everyone and everything. Given that I never never met John Peel, this might sound presumptuous, but I think I can safely say he would have loved Dirty Summer.

They say they sound like 'Car Crash Pop' -and they do. In the best possible way. They hail from Dunfermline, Fife and remind me of those other scots nippers that have bothered proggers and boring grown-ups over the years, Bis and The Prats. Give these a listen...

Dirty Summer -'War Is Bad Bono Is Great.' mp3

Dirty Summer -'Knees.' m4a

...and if you like them, pop along to their MySpace and make friends. Only cold nast people are unfriendly.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, Dirty Summerrr.
Told you they were good!
Like the blog, theres some good stuff on here.
Hope you're liking your new job!
~ Caitlin

Anonymous said...

Ooo, Dirty Summerrr.
Told you they were great!
Like you blog, got some good stuff on here.
Hope your liking your new job!
~ Caitlin.

Ed said...

They are indeed very good, glad you like the blog too!
Job starting imminently...

ETC said...

How happy I am to find his blog and get teenage kicks like this. Ever since Peel left us I knew I was being starved of such off-the-radar treats, but this has reminded of just to what extent. I am quite moved to realise it.

And I love that you mention the Prats - who my friend from Moy always spoke fondly of and I since got to hear. I will be alerting him to DIrty Summer for sure.

Happy Lunar new year from out here.


Ed said...

Oh cheers! Glad you like them and the blog!