Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Glasvegas - Scottish indie's Next big Thing for 2008?

A few years back, 2004 I think, I got a phonecall from my little brother, to tell me how much he loved the latest compilation tape I'd made him. In particular, he said, what he really loved was 'Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?' by the Wedding Present, particularly because David Gedge sang in his own accent.

It's particularly this honesty of singing in your own accent that is one of the things that appeals about Glasvegas. (Seriously, in the 80s, Big Country didn;t feel comfortable singing in their own scottish accent, and the proclaimers were mocked for doing so). Bigged up by Alan McGee for sometime (and if you are foolish enough to let this put you off, it's your loss), Glasvegas' single 'Daddy's Gone' was the runner-up single of the year in the NME writer's poll. I heard it after I'd finally done the 17 Seconds 2007 Festive Fifty and was promptly kicking myself. The description of the band as being like 'doo-wop' with guitars is not far off. the sense of aching sadness that 'Daddy's Gone' delivers is something really special. If this doesn't move you, more fool you.

Glasvegas are currently unsigned, and Daddy's Gone sold out long ago on 7", though it can be bought on iTunes. Their official site is here and their MySpace is here.

Here are a few tracks -which have admittedly been floating round the blogosphere for a little while, but which I think you should hear:

Glasvegas -'Daddy's Gone.' mp3

Glasvegas -'Geraldine.' mp3

Glasvegas -'Go Square Go.' mp3

Glasvegas -'It's My Own Cheating Heart That Makes me Cry.' mp3

As always, if you like what you hear, let me know, and go and make friends with them on MySpace.


mattr said...

I saw Glasvegas supporting Ian Brown last year, they were bloody excellent...

Anonymous said...

Links to Daddy's Gone and Go Square Go no longer work

The McFersons (Jayd/Tauni) said...

Glasvegas are the best band in the world right now.


Anonymous said...

love daddy's song, reminds of the raveonettes in a melancholy mood after a session on the tennants, marvellous

Ed said...

Mattr- have yet to see them live but i bet they are fabulous.

Anonymous 1-Links still seem to be working, try again.

jayd- they certainly seem to be gathering a lot of interest, and I'm really looking forward to what comes next...

Anonymous 2 -that's a pretty ace description!

Indeed, sounds like three very interested readers...Ed

"the other anonymous" said...

You're right about the Alan McGee connection - if it does put people off then it's their loss.

To be fair though, Alan Mcgee is passionate about music to the point that he is basically a lunatic. (I mean that as a compliment to the big man, by ra way...)

As such, he doesn't much care if he gets derided for supporting a band. His enthusiasm for Three Colours Red didn't make much difference to the band's sales, but he said what he said because that's what he believed.

He once said in an interview that he only signed Duncan Dhu to Creation as a favour to the band's manager, which is hilarious, I think - because to my ears Duncan Dhu were better than House of Love, Ride, Swervedriver etc.

The best thing for me about Glasvegas is that they have broken the glasgow indie mould - this band is too cool for art school.

Ed said...

You're absolutely right, I've loved a lot of the stuff that Glasgow has produced in the last three or four years (Franz Ferdinand, Sons & Daughters, Rpyal We) but they sound utterly different, and that's a huge point in their favour.


Anonymous said...

Daddy's Gone is a good track but the other tracks don't really break a mould for me .... from the same mould as Just Like Honey or Some Candy Talking.

Nowt wrong with that but it's not so new.

Craig (who would probably have dismissed punk as "the Feelgoods played badly")

Jim said...

Can't stop raving about the band myself either, managed to catch them in Glasgow last month for the first time and was blown away when I feared the hype might have been OTT.
I'm led to believe a major record label deal & debut album are just around the corner. Certainly one to watch out for I think.

Ed said...

Wow...this has generated more feedback than pretty much any other new band I've ever posted here. Desperate to see them myself now, too...

Drunk Country said...


You've probably seen the caffuffal over at S,BT, so I'm skulking o'er here to say, simply, Glasvegas are fucking superb.

We picked up on them a number of months back & have been playing their tracks for a while - great, great songwriting & I entitrely agree about he singing in one's accent thing.

I, too, predict grand things for this lovely lot. Can't wait for the interview.