Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Another great, unsigned band for you.

Hailing from deepest, darkest Surrey, Stagecoach produce gorgeous indie-pop with an American west coast inflexion -think Calexico, the Shins and Wilco, but they sing in their own accents. They are unsigned at the moment, but gigging a fair bit in London and producing some gorgeous pop songs.

See what you think of these:

Stagecoach - 'Neon Lights.' mp3

Stagecoach -'Giddy up.' mp3 (according to their MySpace, in February 2007 'Giddy Up' appeared on the soundtrack to the BBC2 drama 'Party Animals').

If you like these, there are more great tracks over at their mySpace. Pop over, make friends and say hello.


JC said...

thank gawd for that.....I thought you had turned into a bus-spotter.

Anonymous said...

Cracking find, Ed.

Very impressed by these guys.

Hope you're keeping well...

Best wishes,


Ed said...

JC - no, I might be labelled an indie anorak (!) but a bus spotter, never!

Gav -glad you like them, and am keeping well.