Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Friendly Fires

Another new-ish band I have been meaning to post on for a while, and actually heard before Christmas...but anyway.

I'm not an authority on Friendly Fires but they sound pretty great to these ears. if you are a fan of where indie attitude meets ear-freidngly electronica with a few Talking Heads influences thrown in, then you should definitely give them a listen. Particularly if you like Hot Chip -though no doubt someone out there can explain to me why they are nothing like Hot Chip. There are a couple of singles/EPs available through either eMusic or iTunes but no album as yet.

See what you think...bit of a brief post tonight as the drive home took three hours and I am braindead.

Friendly Fires - 'On Board.' mp3

Friendly Fires -'Paris.' mp3

Let me know what you make of them...


Anonymous said...

oooooooooh, like it.

Reminds me more of Shriekback, somewhere around "Mercy Dash" or "Fish Below the Ice".

thanks for this!

Craig C

Ed said...

You are welcome, sir!