Monday, January 14, 2008

New Music -The Low Miffs

First of all, a tip of the hat of respect is due to Song, By Toad for bringing my attention to The Low Miffs. A Glasgow band who are apparently unsigned (then aren't all the best new band these days?) but have done a couple of 7"s, they are working with none other than the legendary Malcolm Ross. They remind me both of the best of early 80s indie post-punk stuff (Fire Engines, Josef K, Orange Juice obviously!) but there's also a great dark element in there, too.

Give these two tracks a listen and then pop along to their MySpace and say hi. Oh, and go along to Song, By Toad where there is much more on them.

The Low Miffs -'Where Are Your Songs Now?' mp3

The Low Miffs -'Earl Grey.' mp3


Darren said...

They are rather fine, aren't they?

Matthew said...

Ah Ed, it appears someone was before you. And hence must be a better blogger.

Or something.

Ed said...

darren -they are indeed!

Matthew/Toad -I wouldn't go that far...but fair play to ya!