Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something Old, Something New...Definitely Something Blue

The two ladies above, Shunda K & Jwl. B are from the fabulous as anything
Yo Majesty. Yo Majesty hail from Tampa, Florida. In a world where some people make out that they are anti-establishment, but are pretty anti-anything that threatens the status quo (and Hip-Hop can be like that), Shunda and Jwl are more in your face than any one on the planet right now. They make great party music, and the YO! EP is available at eMusic now. If Club Action doesn't have you punching the air in delight, then too bad.
Oh, and they're both Lesbians, and fiercely out about it. Get your ears round this:

Yo Majesty -'Club Action.' mp3

Mean while, I spent years trying to work out what this song was, and who was responsible for it. Turns out it's by someone called Cristina, who was part of the New York scene in the early eighties. This track doesn't sound dated at all, and could slay a club tonight:

Cristina -'What's A Girl To Do?' mp3

If you like what you hear, go and investigate and support the artists involved!

Hope you are having a good weekend, Ed

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