Sunday, April 20, 2008

An undiscovered scots' treasure

The lady in the photo above is one Frances McKee, perhaps best known to a genration of indie fans as the lady who was in the Vaselines (Kurt Cobain's favourite band etc..etc..).

Having posted on the Vaselines a couple of weeks back, I thought I'd post a couple of songs by her band from the early part of the decade, Suckle. These two tracks appeared on compilations on the seminal Chemikal Underground label, which may well be your best place of sourcing them to buy, gievn that they are not on either iTunes or emusic in the UK.

By the way, I knew Kurt Cobain loved their music, but I hadn't realised that his and Courtney Love's daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, was named after her.

Suckle - 'To Be King.' mp3

Suckle -'Saturn.' mp3

Frances McKee's Myspace


david said...

Well Ed, woo and yay!
Haven't been about for a wee while (family probs, GF probs etc) but it's great to come back to THIS!
PS Tried a big long email to you, but it came back to me - is this normal?

Ed said...

Er, no should be ok

Glad you like this, thought you might! (not com) should be fine.


kc said...

I didn't know that's where Frances Bean's name came from - very cool.

Ed said...

(whisper it) I thought Kurt and Courtney had named her after Frances Farmer.

The question is: had they had a son, would he have been called Eugene or Duglas?

We can only speculate...