Saturday, April 26, 2008

Album Review: Alan Wilkis

Alan Wilkis -'Babies Dream Big' (Wilcassettes) which the debate about what constitutes 'pop' and what constitutes 'indie' and 'electronica' gets ever more confused...

Alan Wilkis album, Babies Dream Big is the debut release from this Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist. Conceived and recorded mostly in his home studio over the course of a year, the album blends together the soul, R&B, classic rock, and electronic music of the 70’s and 80’s. On paper (and I'm quoting the above from his MySpace page) no doubt many 'indie kids' will be asking themselves: 'Is this cool? Am I allowed to like this?'

Well, more bloody fool you if you're having to ask yourself because this is a fantastic album. A whole array of influences that stretch from Van Halen to Johnny Cash, Hall and Oates to the hipper-than -thou electronica of Air, Aphex Twin and Boards Of Canada, this album is gorgeous. Like the soundtrack to a summer that we're still waiting for (perhaps fruitlessly, here in Scotland), this album has tunes, attitude, and a lot of fun. The joy of pop, the freewill of the honest music lover.

Why deny yourself the pleasure, of this infectious retro-pop? Surrender now.


Alan Wilkis -'Milk and Cookies.' mp3

Alan Wilkis' mySpace is here with more tunes.

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