Sunday, April 06, 2008

Presenting...Bambi Get Over It

Bambi Get Over It a a Norwich based band who play folk infused indie-meets-rockabilly. A genuinely exciting and original band, they got in touch a little while ago. Matthew at Song, By Toad is already a fan, and I am happy to be added to the list. Amazingly, they only formed about six months ago but they sound like they've been together much longer than that.

The band comprises Sim Eldem (Guitar/Vocals), George Knights (Mandolin/Uh-huhs), Graham Parker (Bass), Patrick Butler (Accordion), Ling Luther (Guitar/Oompas), and Luke Gain (Drums). They made a five song demo tape, streaming on their mySpace page but George has graciously got in touch and sent me all five tracks for you to download here.

Bambi Get Over It -'Badman.' mp3

Bambi Get Over It -'Boi.' mp3

Bambi Get Over It -'Jeanie.' mp3

Bambi Get Over It -'Redwood.' mp3

Bambi Get over It - 'That Girl.' mp3

Enjoy -and let me know what you think!

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Ed said...

This was received by me in my email earlier...

Thanks a lot for the post, we will be back in the studio again in a few weeks so ill let you know when the next exciting developments happen with the band.
If you know any other blogs that might specifically like our songs then we would love to know!
Keep up the good work with the blog.
Bambi Get Over It