Monday, April 21, 2008

Album Review: Box Social

Box Social -'Get Going' (No Karma).

Although this album was released in September last year, it's profile seems to have been quite low so far. I was sent a couple of mp3s a month or so ago which I liked, posted and have now been sent the entire album to review.

Having played this several times and considered it, I have to conclude that it's fun, if not lifechanging. 'Big T,' one of the mp3s I previously posted, is probably the standout track. In some ways, the Box Social are rather like an old-fashioned rock band, to these ears it's more reminiscent of say Weezer or Vampire Weekend (if the latter had spent more time listening to emo-type stuff rather than Paul Simon's Graceland). Whether or not the band are 'emo' or not is a question that you might be better asking a fourteen year old than a thirty one year old... but you get my drift. Songs to sing along with, punch the air to, rather than listening to when in despair.

On positive reflection, though, it's a summery kind of indie rock album, and could yet prove itself to be a sleeper hit.


The Box Social -'Big T.'

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