Monday, April 07, 2008

Oh, and just in case you're interested...

...and you sure as heck should be...

1. I interviewed The Rosie Taylor Project earlier this evening. They were absolutely lovely and their debut LP This City Draws Maps will be out in two weeks' time on Bad Sneakers.

This is a track from the said album, which they said themselves they were happy for me to put up:

Rosie Taylor Project -'A Few Words Of Farewell.' mp3

Track removed by polite request

2. Another 17 Seconds reader, Craig, emailed me an mp3, remixed in 1974 of the Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett song 'Vegetable Man' that was covered by the Jesus and Mary Chain. Thanks very much Craig, and indeed AJ for getting the whole shebang started, and ben and Graeme for sending me versions of the track. You all rule.

Pink Floyd -'Vegetable Man.' mp3


Andrew K said...

So strange Barrett could be so demented, but even still for all its madness the track is full of his pop craftsman genius.

Ed said...

Indeed...I wonder how different music would have turned out if Barrett had stayed with Floyd or he had not ended up being so ill. he is much missed. In the words of the Floyd themselves 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond.'


Anonymous said...

If you hear the track that was intended to be the flip side of Vegetable Man, 'Scream Thy Last Scream', it's waaaayyyyyyy out there .... Syd truly was going beyond conventional definitions of pop music, it's no surprise that the rest of the band backtracked.

I have an mp3 of that too if you're interested :)

cheers, Craig

Ben Etc said...

Thanks Craig wherever you are. I've been waiting to hear an uninterrupted Floyd version of Vegetable Man since I was a nipper - and in my quest for or it or something that might be like it: have acquired Barrett solo albums / comps that I never listen to and -once upon a time- a bootleg tape of Floyd sessions and I think lesser known Barrett-era singles - all superb.

No idea why this stuff isn't officially re-released. There's a version of 'One of These Days' (later done Gilmore-slick on 'Meddle'... yes I know these things - my Dad's record collection was 90% Floyd); 'Apples and Oranges' ... oh all sorts.

Uncanny to find this post today too because yesterday
a) I was told I'd "gone Barrett" on the end of a Deserters song (it's on their myspace if you're interested - title / url available on request).
b) read parts of an interview w/ the man from Swervedriver who sings of Barrett on his new album:

Interview with Adam Franklin from Highwire Daze (Aug):

You drop a few names on the album. What is it about Syd Barrett and the Ramones? How did they change your life?

"Syd’s songs: the words, melodies and especially the guitar playing - all just great don’t you think? That echoplex guitar sound must have blown people away at the time. He’d probably just be a cult hero if his band had split after he left but it’s all the more fascinating because they went on to become one of the biggest bands in the world and people tend to discover them like that first and then find out that they had this leader who bailed out. And I’m firmly in the Syd camp; I only really like that first album."

Ben Etc said...

and no sooner did i say that - then there's this ... the last track on the second Floyd album... one for Syd fans and fans of kazoos:

Ed said...

Cheers for both of those last ones, Ben.


Andrew K said...

You're right about where music could have gone if Syd'd stayed with it. Perhaps the most gifted of all, including Lennon & Hendrix. Listened to some of Piper thother day; for example, he'll virtually show you the entire My Bloody Valentine Loveless in a few seconds of Interstellat Overdrive. You kind of wonder at times, is there an element of hype. If anything, the other way round. A track like Golden Hair off Madcap another slice of pure genius, unlike anything else he's done.

Ed said...

God rest his soul. Maybe time for a Barrett post here...