Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Am I too old to mosh? Probably

Does there need to be a reason to post this?

Maybe this would have been the cut that changed it all, instead of 'Smells like Teen Spirit.'

(though that still holds a place in my heart, too).

Hell, turn it up, very very loud, and sing along.

Mudhoney -'Touch Me I'm Sick.' mp3


Anonymous said...

after a particularly shitty day at work i get revival by a couple of great posts, Mudhoney tune is a classic, i remember drunkenly flailing around sweaty little alternative night clus in the late 80's to this. didn't expect the floyd original, i will modestly try to motivate you all via incoherent rambling!

Anonymous said...

Some kids at my school were sent home last term for 'playing moshpit in the corridor'. I felt so proud.

Anonymous said...

Although this isnt relevant to this article, i would like to thank "17 Seconds" for reminding me that The Breeders were playing tonight as i really enjoyed myself and was lucky enough to meet the band and get some homemade Cd's the drummer gave to me for being first there.Also you can hear their new album for free at Myspace, cheers.

JC said...

Re the heading.....

The answer is, I'm sad to say Yes.

Ed said...

A.J. -Thought you might well approve!

Anon- there are certainly moments when I side with the kids, inwardly if not outwardly

'S.Willis' -hope you're well, and sounds like you had a good time.

JC -you are no doubt right, sir, but it's depressing that the answer's yes.


Just a Girl said...

Mudhoney and Nirvana double bill.
That was a good gig.