Monday, April 14, 2008

Joolz Denby - poet, artist, legend

Her Myspace profile describes her as a cultural revolutionary.

It's a pretty accurate description. I guess one of Ed 17 Seconds' alltime heroes doesn't really fit the bill, but it's true.

She emerged in the eighties, described as a 'punk poetess' though there was more to her than that. She hails from Bradford, a city she's obviously fiercely proud of and is a cultural ambassador for the city. She's an artist, who worked and continues to work closely with New Model Army, designing many of their sleeves. She wrote thought-provoking poetry and prose, sometimes sad, quite often angry, yet frequently funny and always utterly brilliant (anyone who has a copy of her book Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know should get in touch). In the last decade she has also published four novels that have to be read: Stone Baby, Corazon, Billie Morgan and Borrowed Light, all of which have to be read and re-read.

I finally met her in early 2000 at a New Model Army gig (she's the long-term partner of singer Justin Sullivan, aka Slade The Leveller) and nervously trotted up to say. I needn't have worried; she was very approachable, and I later met on three separate occaions, Glastonbury, the Edinburgh Book Festival and at a solo Justin Sullivan gig in Edinburgh. In 2000 when I was writing my Masters dissertation, I corresponded with her, and she gave me some thought-provoking correspondence via email.

She also made some excellent records, mostly in the eighties, and this is one I'd love 17 seconds readers to hear:

Joolz -'Mad, Bad and dangerous To Know.' mp3

If you like it, please buy it!

Joolz Denby's official website

The online shop. You must, you really must!


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