Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Covers For Saturday Part VI

Just as it says on the tin...

Was never into boy bands of the nineties, just represented everything I couldn't stand then or what was it about this tune?

Wedding Present - Back For Good.' mp3 (Take That cover, obviously)

The Breeders cover of The Who's So Sad About Us may well have been a dig at the fact that the Pixies (this was 1992) were about to call it a day for a decade, as it were.

The Breeders -'So Sad About Us.' mp3 (The Who cover)

I'm not sure where I picked up this mp3, but it's a Pavement song done by Cat Power. Hooray!

Cat Power -'We Dance.' mp3(Pavement cover)

The Pet Shop Boys are geniuses. Carter USM knew this too:

Carter USM -'Rent.' mp3 (Pet Shop Boys cover)

Is the original artist or the cover the guiltier pleasure here? Discuss...Oh, and if anyone can send me the cover of Hot Chocolate's Emma done by The Sisters Of Mercy (yes, you DID read that correctly), the address is on the top right hand side of this blog).

Cud -'You Sexy Thing.' mp3 (Hot Chocolate cover)

And finally, something completely different...

Grace Jones -'La Vie En Rose.' mp3 (Edith Piaf cover) (and yes, that's Grace Jones at the top)

See you tomorrow...

UPDATE: thanks to all the readers who sent me the Sisters of Mercy's cover of Emma, especially Craig who sent it to be three times. Here it is:

Sisters Of Mercy -'Emma.' mp3(Hot Chocolate cover)

...and in the unlikely event that anyone can help with sourcing a copy of the Sisters of Mercy playing 'He's Got the Whole World In His Hands' (someone I knew had this years ago on a cassette, supposedly from the 1987 Glastonbury festival but I could have misunderstood that) please let me know.


entrailicus said...

Glad to have had you over at FiS, wanted to reciprocate the 'keep up the good work' theme!


Ed said...

Aw, cheers Adam!


Anonymous said...

I never thought about The Who cover by The Breeders as a dig because of the split but its most likely.The "Safari" EP is one of my favourite EPs that and the Butthole Surfers debut EP, Cheers.

Z said...

Oh wow. These are some wonderful choices!

Ed said...

S. Willis - Safari EP is great, other key EPs for me would be Ride's Ride EP from 1990, Beele and Sebastian's This is just a modern rock song EP from 1998 and Curve's Blindfold and Frozen EPs from 1991. Ah the 12" EP!

Z -glad you like!

So It Goes said...

Thanks for agreeing with me about PSB, Eduardo: was feeling a bit lonely on that score...!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, Ed :)

I do have the Sisters' version of 'Jolene' on a cassette somewhere, but that's another story.

cheers, Craig

Ed said...

sig - you shouldn't feel lonely on that score; I know that Song, By Toad and the Vinyl Villain are fans too!

Craig - all these wonderful covers on cassettes, now I need to work out how to sort out all the stuff for mp3...


Bynar said...

Hope you got the Sisters' cover of "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" I sent you... If you do find another version with better sound quality give me a shout.


Ed said...

I did thanks! Will be posting it asap...