Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Sisters Of Mercy

Continuing with ripping stuff from the vinyl to complete those Peel playlists. The first two made the Festive Fifty in 1983.

Many thanks to Bynar who provided the second two tracks here.

The Sisters Of Mercy -'Alice.' mp3

The Sisters Of Mercy -'Temple Of Love.' mp3

The Sisters of Mercy - 'Jolene.' mp3 (Dolly Parton cover)

The Sisters of Mercy -Emma(1984 Peel session).' mp3 (Hot Chocolate cover)

Will post a wants list soon...



Anonymous said...

yay goth, love the original sisters, they went off the boil a bit later on, but who doesn't? anyone else heard creaming jesus's version of temple of love, very funny, might and try and send it to you when a) i move and unpack my cd's, and b) someone shows me how to do it, bit of a luddite i'm afraid

Bynar said...

Hi Ed! If you want, I've got the whole BBC6 Re-Broadcasts Of Peel Sessions. Here;s the tracklist:

First Peel Session recorded 25th August 1982:

Transmission date: 7th September 1982

01.Good Things 3.40
02.Floorshow /Alice (Sequenced together)6.49
03.1969 2.45
04.Alice (Separate track, unknown broadcast)3.33

Second Peel Session recorded 19th June 1984:

Transmission date: 13th July 1984

05.Poison Door 3.57
06.Walk Away 3.37
07.No Time to Cry 4.13
08.Emma 7.14

I've already sent you Emma. If you want the rest of the stuff, just give me a shout. Carry on with your great blog :-)



Ed said...

A.J. - you can never have too much goth, though I like the later stuff too. Might do a few goth-themed posts later.


Thanks, Ed

Bynar said...

There you go Ed. Enjoy! :-)


So It Goes said...

Bynar, can you get in touch with me too please, at 'Teenage Kicks' (Ed's got me linked), as my recordings of this wonderful stuff are a bit naff?

Bynar said...

Hi Steve,

I hope you got my e-mail. If anybody wants The Sisters of Mercy - Kid Jensen Session (March 10, 1983) let me know. Here's the tracklist:

Tracks 1-4 come from the 2CD bootleg, Kamasutra.

1. Jolene
2. Heartland
3. Burn
4. Valentine

Track 5 comes from the single disc bootleg CD, Black Planet. It is far superior to the other source, and I would really like to hear the rest of the session in the same quality!

5. Jolene



Anonymous said...

Ha, thanks for these Sisters covers, Ed, I've been chuckling over how great AND ridiculous these still sound .... takes me back :)

cheers, Craig

Ed said...

Glad you enjoyed it Craig and thanks for all your comments here so far!