Tuesday, March 18, 2008

(They were John Peel's favourite band, you know!)

'There are apparently some people out there who don't like The Fall. I spurn them with my toe.' John Peel

I'm two days away from the school term finishing. I'm currently more upbeat and optimistic about both my working life and my profession than I have been for a long time. The blog is apparently still being read by people, and I'm also getting a lot of people contacting me about featuring bands (I haven't stopped doing this, you understand, but it reached the stage where I had thirty band wanting to be friends with me on MySpace and I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt). I'm still trying to wake people up to older stuff too.

Anyway, here's three tracks from the legendary Mark E. Smith, one with last year's collaboration with Mouse On Mars as Von Sudenfed, one a collaboration with the Inspiral Carpets (and his second Festive Fifty no.1) and a classic from The Fall:

Von Sudenfed -'That Sound Wiped.' mp3

Inspiral Carpets featuring Mark E. Smith -'I Want You.' mp3

The Fall -'Spoilt Victorian Child.' mp3

If you have never bought a Fall album, shame on you, I recommend This Nation's Saving Grace for a studio album, and 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong as an introductory compilation. In the words of Mr. Smith himself 'Noteboks Out, Plagiarists!'


Graeme said...

Enjoy your holidays. That's the great thing of being a teacher I must admit.

Been catching up with some old posts over the last few days (on holiday already) and I'll give some of those old tracks a list to as well.

Thanks for keeping going.


Anonymous said...

mark e. smith lives near me and in my days as a student wage slave at a local off licence i regularly served him with strong lager, seemed like a decent bloke, although somewhat addled, the fall continue to confound any expectations and for me their output varies from genius to garbage, usually on the same album, always entertaining, never predictable.

Ed said...

Graeme -very definitely planning on keeping going -it will be 17 Seconds' second anniversary in July and I'm very much enjoying it still, glad you are too.

A.J. -I can kinda imagine he would be a nice bloke, though I bet he doesn't suffer fools gladly!


Huge Grunt said...

I saw the Fall in 85 or 86 at the QMU, one of the loudest gigs I've ever been to, earsplittingly loud! They do have some great moments but I have to agree with A.J.'s comment about genius to garbage in one album!

He can be a challenging interviewee:


Ed said...

I haven't seen them live yet (Mrs. 17 Seconds is not convinced by them on record) but I would still love to. I would love to interview him for this humble blog, but I suspect I would be bloody terrified.