Friday, March 28, 2008

The Primitives

Fronted by Tracey Tracey and Paul Court, and an ever changing lineup of a rhythm section, the Primitives from Coventry were one of the acts associated with the C86 movement who actually went on to break the Top 40 and appear in Smash Hits and Top Of The Pops. Though their sound fitted well alongside the likes of The Shop Assistants and Talulah Gosh, their sound also bore the trademarks of The Buzzcocks and Blondie. Their own label, Lazy, put out three singles before they re-issed the first 'Thru The Flowers' signed to RCA and released 'Crash' the song with which they are most associated. These were their first three singles:

Primitives -'Thru The Flowers.' mp3

Primitives -'Really Stupid.' mp3

Primitives -'Stop Killing Me.' mp3

Still trying to find a vinyl copy of Galore...

Primitives' fan website here and another one here


Anonymous said...

loved the primitives, thanks for posting these, saw them in a particularly grim club in warrington about 20 years ago> saw the duke spirit the other night (speaking of great blond female fronted bands), can anyone explain why the audience for this fuzzed up stooges-esque band were a bunch of apathetic dullards who sucked the atmosphere from the night?

Ed said...

Glad you liked these A.J.

Saw duke spirit twice as a support act (Mercury Rev and Kasabian) and thought they were fab.

Some audiences can just kill things either because they are not up for it, or because they're all intent on getting drunk and spoiling other people's fun.