Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just to keep you posted...

Just in case anyone's wondering where I've gone...I'm still here, still alive...just a little busy and not in Scotland for a couple of days.

But do yourselves a favour, or indeed two:

Firstly, Song, By Toad has excelled himself and had the fabulous Broken Records in for a session, so get yourselves over there now to Song, By Toad

Secondly, Steve over at Teenage Kicks has done excellent posts on the Shop Assistants and Motorcycle Boy, so if you enjoy your eighties indie and John Peel, get over there!

I spent much of yesterday on a train, reading Iain Banks' The Steep Approach To Garbadale and listening to my iPod. This fantastic tracks started my journey:

Primal Scream -'Velocity Girl.' mp3

...though this is one of the few UK road tracks I know:

Richard Thompson -'1952 Vincent Black Lightning.' mp3


eyevocal said...

As for UK road songs, did you forget about Billy Bragg's rewrite of "Route 66," "A13, Trunk Road to the Sea"?

Ed said...

Doh! That's a very good point. Any other suggestions out there?