Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some indiepop videos

Well, having not posted many videos here for a while (other than the links to the two Benga videos last week, obviously!) I thought I would post some classic 80s eighties indiepop videos here.

First up, Edinburgh's gone but not forgotten heroes, The Shop Assistants. BTW, if anyone knows where in Edinburgh this video was filmed, or can work it out, let me know. The other day Mrs. 17 Seconds and I were watching it closely to see if we could work it out but without success.

The Shop Assistants -I Don't Want To Be Friends With You

I will do a post on the Primitives sometime very soon, having just got my hands on an excellent compilation of early stuff called Buzz Buzz Buzz, for the meantime, here is the video to Really Stupid.

The Primitives -Really Stupid

Hmm, might well have to do a post on the Darling Buds as well. Some people derided them as Primitives copyists (blonde girl singer and three blokes in black! Ooh! must be copying them! *withering sarcasm*) but I thought they were pretty great. The first time I saw this video I was eleven years old.

Darling Buds -It's All Up To You

Does anyone know if Primal Scream did videos for any of their pre-Sonic Flower Groove singles? This is, however, a class song and (nicely) typical of many of the indie videos of the period.

Primal Scream -Gentle Tuesday

A fantastic song, controversial at the time given that the Grand Hotel in question was the one in Brighton where Margaret Thatcher and the conservatives were staying in 1984 when it was bombed. ('Jesse Garon' still runs a record shop in Edinburgh and is a thoroughly nice bloke).

Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes -Grand Hotel.

Meanwhile, will try and write up Amplifico and Wake The President interviews...


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the video posts, i love how basic and low budget they are making the music stand out more. Such as The Primitives, where should i start when buying their stuff?

Ed said...

Debut album proper 'lovely' is a good place and their singles are fantastic, which can easily be found for a few quid in second hand shops like Avalanche in Edinburgh, or ebay. there is a CD compilation called 'best Of the primitives' which is about a fiver, and is available from iTunes if you're not fussed about a hard copy.

make sure you keep checking back, as am planning a big post on The Primitives tomorrow.


Dirk said...

oh boy, now this made me feel 20 years younger: and thanks for that! although: the popguns' 'still a world away' - video would have fitted perfectly as well ... just imagine alex taylor, andrea lewis, tracy tracey AND wendy morgan in a row: how much closer to pop heaven could you possibly get?

Drunk Country said...

Did you know that Donna Matthews joined the Darling Buds as guitarist for an overseas tour(European & Asia, I think)?

She was eventually sacked from the tour/band (having fallen out with the others after trying to unsuccessfully woo & fuck Andrea's partner Harley Davidson Farr) before answering a vague advert, which ultimately led to her joining Elastica & changing the face of plagiarism as we know it


I went to school with Donna (& out with her for a while - but I always prefered her younger sister) & about 2 years after school we bumped into each other in Newport (home of legendary venue TJ's) & found we were living around the street from each other. This was in the days, if you believed the PR-fed music press, she was supposed to have been cultivating that class A drug habit & getting all 'grrr' & punkified - truth is, she was a fairly quiet hippy of an individual at that time (barefoot, long blonde hair, indian skirts with tassles & tinkly bells, with a penchant for Klimt poster prints), strumming out folk tunes in a rather well kept (& owned) terrace house.

According to Wikipedia, she has since become a Christian & is head of the Christian Union at Dartington.

Ed said...

Dirk -glad to make anyone feel twenty years younger!

DC -truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction...

JuzNik said...

A little late in getting back to you about the "shoppies" but its Calton Hill, the rooftop of John Lewis (before it got revamped in the late 80s) and Cramond.

Ed said...

the Acropolis on Calton Hill I recognised, John Lewis makes sense and Cramond...there you go!

Thank you.


margavp said...

re the shoppies video
the "live" bit was filmed on the roof of the then named napier college main building

Ed said...

Wow...sometimes I think I missed out on not living in Scotland in the eighties...