Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's kinda funny (to quote Josef K), sometimes I seem to be more impressed with the side projects than the main band. Firstly, much as i like Death Cab For Cutie it was the Postal Service who really impressed me. And whilst I like what bits I have heard of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, it's this side project (brought to my attention by the same man who notified me about Oh! Custer) which is floating my boat.

I know I started a post the other day about there being something in the water in Sweden...well this just kinda confirms it for me. Gorgeous Swedish indie-pop.

Give these a listen and see what you think. As ever, please leave feedback for the new bands (and not just the stuff I post from twenty years ago!)

Springfactory -'No More.' mp3

Springfactory -'Stingy Friday Afternoon.' mp3

Springfactory -'Get Out Of Bed.' mp3

Springfactory website/Springfactory MySpace


david said...

I've been playing these tracks non-stop (well almost). Great lyrics, great sound. Time they released an album..

(see, I don't just post about 20 year old stuff:D)

Ed said...


Drunk Country said...

Ed, man, you gotta start listening to The Waiting Room - we've been playing these for months & are pretty in tune with the Swedish phenomenon.

Totally agree, though, there is something in the water in Sweden. We've racked up so many bloody good bands & artistes from that end of the world that we are going to have a Swedish special in next month (somethign I've been talking about doing since last summer).

Ed said...

I know, I know...glad other people are helping to spread the word!