Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some Covers For Saturday Part V

It has been a while since I posted any covers here, but I've always enjoyed posti ng weird and wonderful why not?

BTW, very pleased to see just how many hits this blog is getting. Don't forget to tell your friends and help me keep the traffic up.

Dump -'Raspberry Beret.' mp3 (Prince cover)

Xiu Xiu -''Ceremony (New Order cover).' mp3

Wilco -'Something In The air (Thunderclap Newman cover).' mp3

Voxtrot -'Love Vigilantes (New Order cover).' mp3

Thin Lizzy -'Whisky In The Jar (Irish Folk song).' mp3

Polyphonic Spree -'Wig In A Box (From Hedwig and the Angry Inch.' mp3

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy -'Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul and Mary cover).' mp3

LCD Soundsystem -'No Love Lost (Joy Division cover).' mp3

Low -'Nowhere man (The beatles cover.' mp3

Canasta -'The model (Kraftwerk cover).' mp3


alex said...

That Xiu Xiu version of Ceremoney is bizarre... a pal of mine recently posted a cover they did of Under Pressure featuring Michael Gira from the Swans as Bowie, also very odd. You can nab it here:

As always, good stuff! (and if you should happen to repost Games Without Frontiers by PWEI at some point I wouldn't complain ;) )

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I found your blog; it's a great read. Thanks for doing what you do.

Ed said...

Alex -I'll bear that in mind, keep checking back here!

Anonymous -thank you, and feel free to leave a name.

Cheers guys, Ed

So It Goes said...

Glad you're getting so many readers, Ed. Like the covers idea.

Ed said...

It does seem to generate a lot of comments, which is always good!