Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Album Review: Day One

Day One -'Probably Art' (One Little Indian)

Their press release describes Day One as 'Britain's favourite urban storytellers.' Um, well I would have thought that was The Streets, but there you go. Vocalist Phelim Byrne and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Hardwidge have been collaborating since the mid-90s. They seem to believe that they echo the old school sound of De La Soul and Massive Attack, but to these ears, I'm afraid it just sounds like a load of rehashed ideas.

Yes, their music has appeared in Skins, Trigger Happy TV, Cruel Intentions and Six Feet Under. But I've given this album a couple of listens to try and give it the benefit of the doubt, and I have to say that it's not bad, but it feels deeply average. The lyrics of 'Cosmopolita' seem worthy, reeling off people who come from mixed backgrounds which is cool, but the rhymes are cringeworthy, and that's not cool. The two closing tracks 'Who Owns The Rain?' and 'Time To Go' redeem the album slightly, but it feels like a fairly average album that needs more of an edge, instead of having them smoothed off.


Day One's Myspace is here


Ben Etc said...

oh no they're not still at it are they?

they seemed like they were old hat when i saw them in france playing a place that was maybe half the size of somewhere like brixton academy alongside Radar Brothers, Pavement and Flaming Lips. *and* they weren't the first act on. funny how i can remember barely anything about them. but it was a bit incongruous playing with them others.

and i recognised some of their session musicians from a top of the tops appearance by It Bites or EMF or Hue & Cry or someone or other - and now the same blokes are probably playing for lightspeed champion grrr

they're bound to play Singapore sooner of later. meanwhile Emma Pollock told me she had her honeymoon here. that's her excuse for not playing while in the area is it?

Ed said...

Really underwhelmed by the album, was flattered when One Little indian got in touch with me about doing reviews, but it really leaves me cold. Glad i'm not the only one...