Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Presenting...Oh! Custer

There must be something in the water over there in Sweden. Or something. Anyway, the favourite mainland European country in the blogosphere has come up trumps with another band, Oh! Custer.

Again, this was a band I'd been emailed about (to anyone who thinks I've ignored their emails, I haven't, but there's only one of me and this isn't the day job). This is gorgeous indie-pop with both jangling guitars and a gorgeous shimmering of shoegazing, or dream pop, as the North Americans call it.

I'm not going to reel off a list of other bands that they sound like, just beg you to judge these three excellent tracks on their own merits and go and buy the album States. Hell, I'm desperate to hear it.

Oh! Custer -'States.' mp3

Oh! Custer - 'Your Name.' mp3

Oh! Custer -'Post.' mp3

Then pop along here to make friends with them. Sorry there's no photo I can't seem to get them off their mySpace.


Ben Etc said...

*so* this is what "dream pop" is. like sarah-era East River Pipe? or what Galaxie might have sounded like trying to play their version of speed metal? all for it myself.

thanks for the introduction.

Ed said...

You're welcome -glad I've managed to post something that's an introduction and better than some of the other stuff that you've not liked! ;-)


Ben Etc said...

Oh no looks like i left too much of an impression as a negative creep due to one particular chancer when in fact i am generally beaming w/ love and happiness thanks to you showing me I need not lose hope after your fine introductions to -phew, let me think- Rosie Taylor Project, Wake the President, Bricolage... and others.

I thought i'd it mentioned (but maybe it didn't post ... as I know my computer's gone arsey on many occasions when I've tried to leave a post) - and stop me if you heard this before - but I felt tearful hearing things you've posted and it reminded me how isolated I am without the BBC world service broadcasts of Peel. It really got me thinking. One thing I noticed: the lack of Peel coincided w/ getting off my arse and doing my own stuff ...but that might not suit some folk. But not having his 1/2 hour bulletins of old and new sound also made the world a more loney place. So thanks for making less-lonely again.

Haha - how does it feel to be a potential new Peel? It'd be ace if you had the resources to do this full time. House in the country and a label. And Kenny Dalglish's number too?

Ed said...

I'd love to do this full-time, though I do generally enjoy teaching.

being considered a potential new Peel, now that IS flattery. Thank you.


Ben Etc said...

speaking of peel - have you seen this: http://thattruncheonthing.blogspot.com/search/label/Neko%20Case

A Neko Case session - and the 1st time i heard Peel in stereo for many years as it was what was on the radio after I touched down in England and a train up north to my Gran's funeral (after which was the 1st time I heard Sigur Ros and it was all too moving... was that a session or an EP he was playing lots of?)

I remember running errands and the telly being on too - but not really getting to see - as Delgardos played. Something to do w/ Mercury Prize?

Drunk Country said...

Get your arse over to Swedes Please (http://www.swedesplease.net/) musi-blog. They are pretty much the best Swedish music portal around (+ they have links to other such blogs/journals) & you'll pick up tons of brilliant Swedish acts.

Ed said...

Am aware of the blog, will check it out again.

Thanks, Ed