Monday, March 03, 2008

Felicity (oh oh oh oh oh!)

In honour of JC and his mammouth Orange Juice post over at The Vinyl Villain I humbly urge you to check it out and offer the Wedding Present cover of Felicity, which first appeared in a Peel session in 1986, along with James Kirk's re-recording of his own song, which appeared on his 2003 album You Can Make It If You Boogie.

The Wedding Present -Felicity (Orange Juice cover).' mp3

James Kirk -'Felicity.' mp3



Ben Etc said...

Thanks for that alert. I've asked the vinylvillain if I can publicize his scheme in Singapore where I folk have bugged me for records I don't have by this group I now really should investigate since our singer swears by them; E Collins solo stuff suits me greatly (I met him here during success of 'I Never Met a Girl Like You Before' - he was a gent, and your bit about its status almost alongside Psychocandy... wow.

So when Quarriers start getting donations that originated in Singapore, it'll be thanks to you putting this link up.

And in the meantime: Edwyn Collins myspace blog today has this:
Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ooh my brain hurts!

Hiya. How are you? Looking back on my career, some happy days and some sad days. A Greek Tragedy. Oh, I don't know about that. Doubters were trying to right me off. But I was having none of it. Even now. Because of my stroke, it matters to me. I'm fighting to put into words my thoughts, my vision, my aspirations. My learning curve is steep. Clear vision. I don't have flowery words any more. But I don't need them.
Love Edwyn

PS My shows are announced. Some more to come.

it's at:

Anonymous said...


I think Mr Gedge himself makes the most appropriate comment at the end of the Weddoes' version.

Have you heard their version of G4's 'I found that essence rare', from the same year's Janice Long session? Absolutely rabid.

Makes Idlewild's version sound like The Carpenters.

As always, thanks!

BTW, did you get the Medium Medium track?


david said...

Well Ed - what can I say?
Grazie mille


Ed said...

Ben -great, and cheers for the Edwyn update

Craig -thank you i DID get the Medium Medium track. Sorry not to get back to you it has been a wee bit frantic here

david -thought you would like that!


entrailicus said...

Totally unconnected - I have a copy of DJ Shadow's first UK gig, as broadcast on Radio 1.

If you'd like, I'll put it on FiS.

david said...

Deary me Ed...
It's not too often you come across a song that leaves you, literally, breathless.
Much as I love TWP, I'd never heard their take on Felicity before, and I really am lost for superlatives.
Especially that key change at the end...
My genuine thanks

Ed said...

Entrailicus -that would be fab please do!

David -that, as i am fond of saying, sounds like a real result!


So It Goes said...

The Weddoes have a great reputation as a cover band, don't they? My favourite is 'Come Up And See Me', which will be on TK in the not too distant. Probably.

Ed said...

Steve - I will look forward to that, and if you fancy including their cover of Falling, that'd be great too (HINT! HINT!)


david said...

Could tempt me over to TK

Ed said...

Believe you me, i check Teenage kicks every day, several times to see if Steve has posted more great and wonderful stuff not available anywhere else.


So It Goes said...

Oh bloody hell...flattery will get you everywhere. All right then!! Will get round to it as soon as I can get to the CD boxes (all 27 of them) in the corner of the room. mean you haven't visited me before?? for shame :-((

Ed said...

David - I hope you have checked this out and Festive Fifty as Steve has been as good as his word and posted Falling over there. Fantatsic it is too...

david said...

Heh heh, course I have :D
Just thinking about where the next outburst of flattery should be directed......