Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hot Damn!

See, it is worth getting in touch with blogs to see if they'll feature you! less than 24 hours ago, I received feedback from a reader saying there was band she wanted me to hear -and here they are: the Box Social.

Hailing from Madiscon, Wisconsin (gotta be honest, never got further west in America than Noo Joisey, Oi Vee Bay Bee) they produce great, literate three chord rock 'n' roll, think REM (when they're rocking, not trying to get on Acoustic comps), Weezer, The Replacements...you get the picture. These two tracks are from their album Get Going which came out last year and I am desperate to hear. These are simply fab tunes, and I think you ought to hear them. Big T makes me want to play air guitar in a way I haven't since 'The Middle' by Jimmy Eat World.

See what you make of these -and please, as ever, leave feedback!

Box Social -'Big T.' mp3

Box Social -'Hot Damn.' mp3

Then pop along here and make friends with them: myspace


Allen L. said...

I've had your blog on Peel forever and just never get around to listening to everything you post. This grabbed me. Loved it. Thanks for exposing me to this.

Ed said...

glad you like it, thought noone was ever going to tell me how much they liked it!


jonderneathica said...

I am going to buy Get Going based on your recommendation and the songs on their myspace. I had not heard of them before, but this band sounds right up my alley.

Ed said...

Good stuff, the band's PR sent me the CD and it arrived today so can;t wait to play that.