Monday, March 10, 2008

A sort of afterthought...

Due to the comments in the last post below, I thought I would investigate the David Gedge and Emma Pollock(above) collaboration and Propaganda and Josef K.

As it turns out, 'Ears' by Mr. Gedge and Ms. Pollock appeared on the first Cinerama album Va Va Voom in 1998, while Propaganda's cover of 'Sorry For Laughing' appeared on their album A Secret Wish in 1985.

Both these tracks can be found at eMusic which is well worth a subscription to.

Just a brief post tonight, far too much stuff to do, as ever... : ))

Cinerama with Emma Pollock -'Ears.' mp3

Propaganda -'Sorry For Laughing.' mp3


JC said...


There is also a different remix of Ears available on 'This Is Cinerama'.

Emma Pollock also sang vocals on the single 'Love' which is also available on 'This Is Cinerama'

JC said...

Oh and I should also say there is a remix of Sorry For Laughing by Propoganda called 'Laughed' which appears on the LP 'Wishful Thinking'.

I didn't spend tens of thousands of pounds on a record/CD collection for nothing you know....

Ed said...

JC -will have to go and investigate those. Toyed with buying them and then posting them, then read your comment and thought better of it (see! I DO listen to you!)


Liz - 4 Ohm said...

Hey Ed,

Is there an email address I could send you an mp3 of a band I think you'll dig?


Ed said...

Yes, Liz:

Looking forward to it!