Saturday, September 27, 2008

A sort of book review

OK, that's a bit of a lie. But I am currently reading Mark E. Smith's Renegade, and it's an excellent autobiography. He takes no prisoners, makes no apologies and the book's the better for it.

So why not some Mark E. Smith related music?

One of the things that clearly rankles with him is the accusation that Brix Smith, the Fall's onetime guitarist and one time Mrs. Smith made The Fall poppier and more accessible. (I notice that the Fall essentials on iTunes still has a picture of Mrs and Mrs M.E. Smith. Wonder what he has to say about that?!) This track is from 1995, when Brix was back in the band again.

The Fall -'Don't Call Me Darling.' mp3

One of my favourite Fall tracks, which is saying something, from 1985's This Nation's Saving Grace, probably still my favourite Fall album.

The Fall -'Spoilt Victorian Child.' mp3

Of course, he has collaborated with other folks. This was the track that finally saw him on Top Of The Pops in 1994, with the Inspiral Carpets:

Inspiral Carpets -'I Want You (featuring Mark E.Smith).' mp3

This track was originally credited to Mouse On Mars featuring Mark E. Smith and called 'Wipe That Sound' in 2005 (I know this true, I have the 12"). Then last year, they collaborated for an album together under the name Von Sudenfed on the album Tromatic Reflexxions, which called it 'That Sound Wiped.'

Von Sudenfed -'That Sound Wiped.' mp3

Anyone else read it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,
Laughed out loud all the way through Renegade, gave the wife it to read, who can't abide the Fall. Her critique on the book - "the ramblings of a man who has without doubt lost his mind".
Reading the Fallen at the moment, worth investing in, MES is compaired to Brian Clough.
Can't wait to see the gruppe again in Edinburgh next month.

Ed said...

Still haven't seen 'em live yet...he is possibly slightly mad...

Terrapin said...

I'll never forget Brix the first time I saw The Fall in 1984 (at Heaven, of all places). She was wearing a PVC peaked cap and she was so nervous she looked as if she was going to burst into tears.