Saturday, September 06, 2008

Album Review: Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad -'Sticks and Stones' (One Little Indian)

This is an album that grows on repeated plays, gradually working it's charm on you, pulling you in with it. Underground Railroad take a template that owes a lot to Evol-era Sonic Youth, later-period Pavement (Corners/Twilight) and dofs its' cap to Madonna-era ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail Of The Dead.

Perhaps I should't be surprised that it was recorded in Seattle. But don't let the influences allow you to assume that it's derivative, because they have their own spin on it, which should be heard. Highlights include the title track and 25.

On a couple of occasions, there are some tracks which grate on repeated playing 'NYC (Money Money Money) and 'One More Hit' but for people who enjoy their guitar music epic, noisy and in song-form this is a worthwhile investigation.


Underground Railroad -'New Variety.' mp3

Underground Railroad's mySpace

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