Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's David vs. Goliath...

...oh no, hang on, it's not. A mere nine months after 17 Seconds bigged them up and interviewed them, Glasvegas are going head to head with Metallica in the album charts.

Is it about sales? Well, no, but it's a sign of how far a band can this video from the UK's ITN news.

Glasvegas v Metallica in the battle of the bands
Glasvegas v Metallica in the battle of the bands

Amusing, no? Although the idea that for running a race you get chocolate and fizzy drinks (note to non-scots: in scotland 'juice' is the name given to fizzy drinks, not necessarily something that comes from fruit), perhaps speaks volumes about Scotland's health issues...

Anyway, 17 Seconds is firmly routing for Glasvegas in this battle.


Anonymous said...

And a bottle of ginger does not mean ginger beer,

Ed said...

Good point; for many years Irn-Bru wasn't really available south of the border. I think Red kola still isn't. Though given the effects on some kids, I'm not sure it should be available here!!