Thursday, September 11, 2008


Have tomorrow and Monday off, as one of Scotland's strange but welcome middle-of-nowhere holidays.

So, I'm tired but happy and feel like celebrating. Play air guitar and dance around like a mad thing.

And whatever the mythical Chinese Democracy album might sound like, I still love this track.

Guns 'n' Roses -'Sweet Child O'Mine.' mp3


Anonymous said...

What is the deal with Chinese Democracy? Has it not taken like a decade to make and still nothing?
Glasvegas album has grew on me so much - looks like the poster is mine! SW

Ed said...

Chinese Democracy has been on the release schedules since I was at school, that's about 1995.

Glad you like the Glasvegas LP, hope you got that stylus sorted out.


david said...

Air guitar Ed? It's 2008 -haven't you got Guitar Hero for the Wii yet?

Have a good long weekend sir :D

Anonymous said...

Stylus will be bought tomorrow, hopefully...
I think Chinese Democracy is a fine example of the size of Axel's ego is of himself. He certainly thinks he is God i feel however early G'n'R was great. Did they not have a fued with Nirvana at one point?

Ed said...

david -was bought Air Guitar as a Christmas present last year, unfortunately, the PC didn't have enough ower to cope with it, and we own neither a wii nor a PSwhatever.

SW -early G'n'R was legendary. use Your illusion should have been entitled Lose the Plot. A spat with Nirvana sounds vaguely familiar, anyone any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Found the answer out...

Again highlights Axels ego i think.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the Nirvana thing, but I was reading on Pitchfork the other day about Mr. Rose saying that the blogger they'd taken to court for leaking the 'new' album should be, I don't know, burnt alive or have his key thrown away or something. I can't totally remember, but you get the gist.

Wait a second, I became so unsure I checked my story. Apparently, it was Slash and he said the guy should rot in jail.

I know this the press we're talking about and you can never be sure, but come on....!

Anyway, enough bimbling, Ed: I'm jealous! Hope the sun shines and you have a good, long weekend up there.


Ed said...

SW -will investigate the link

Gav -glad that you, as a record company owner realise the value of blogs. Whilst albums shouldn't be leaked (though have sneaking suspicion some people do it accidentally on purpose for publicity), it's yet more publicity. As is the fact that we're talking about it... : ))

So It Goes said...

I have a holiday too! It's Korean harvest festival, and I'm off till Monday...and payday is on Tuesday...sonofabitch. :-((