Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Great, Lost Album #1: The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present have just released their seventh full-length album (not including Mini) this week, El Vey and very good it is too. But whilst their re-issue programme has enabled us to have great versions of their albums, one is missing. 1994's Watusi is out of print. I have tried to find it, without success.

Therefore, having managed to download it yesterday, I present it for you in all it's glory, track by track. If you own the copyright and don't want me to post it, I'll remove the files and hope it stings you into action. If you live in a country where it can be easily obtained and you chose to download it off here, shame on you.

1. 'So Long, Baby.' mp3
2. 'Click Click.' mp3
3. 'Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.' mp3
4. 'Let Him Have It.' mp3
5. 'Gazebo.' mp3
6. 'Shake It.' mp3
7. 'Spangle.' mp3
8. 'It's A Gas.' mp3
9. 'Swimming Pools, Movie Stars.' mp3
10.'Big Rat.' mp3
11.'Cat Woman.' mp3
12. 'Hot Pants.' mp3

Disclaimer: I freely state here and now that I do not own the rights to this music. I am only posting it here, for a limited time, to enable people to download it who cannot buy a copy in their own country.

You should also go and buy all the Wedding Present back catalogue that you can.


So It Goes said...

Ed, what programme did you use to rip these? Windows Media Player doesn't recognise the format.
Miss you on TK, by the way!!

So It Goes said...

Scrub that last comment: it's Firefox that's the problem, as I've just downloaded the lot from IE. Sorry.
Thanks for doing this, mate. This is the whole point of blogging: I cannot get any Weddoes stuff for love nor money in Korea. Of course, I have the FF entries, but not in context, so this is a great idea.

Ed said...

I will be back on TK very soon. Thought you might like these; planned future posts include: Echo and the bunnymen, The Darling Buds and the this space...

Jim said...

Once again I'm dismayed that one of my favourite albums has been allowed to slip out of print, sigh.
Here's hoping someone gets their arse in gear at a record company somewhere!

Ed said...

We can but hope...

Anonymous said...

Great post Ed - just a thought though..most Gedgeheads will already have most/a lot/all of what's available I guess. Well, we're a strange bunch after all.
But if you really want to turn people onto The Weddoes (and personally, I think you've done a great job so far) how about letting people hear something like Take Me! which they're *never* going to hear under normal circumstances. 9 mins plus of TWP bliss.
Cheers again for the great blog :D

Ed said...

Realise most gedgeheads WILL have this, it's just I couldn't get it, so posted it in case anyone else couldn;t find it. Wouldn;t mind posting Take Me, though...