Thursday, June 19, 2008

A veritable Peel-related Pot Pourri!

Tonight's selection is a variety of Peel-related music:

First up, this was not a Festive Fifty entry, but it was a request earlier in the week, so cheers to Tom at Indie mp3 for this:

Shop Assistants -Ace Of Spades (Peel Session).' mp3

Another band that seem impossible to track down, so cheers for these...

Mighty Mighty -'Is There Anybody Out There?' mp3 (1986 Festive Fifty no.44)

Public Enemy -'You're Gonna Get Yours (Terminator X Getaway version).' mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.38)

The Fall -'Lucifer Over Lancashire.' mp3 (1986 Festive Fifty no.37) (apparently the 'Theology mix' is a joke. I knew that.)

Some lost Smiths classics, including one of my favourite tracks of theirs ever, Sheila Take a Bow:

Smiths -'Sweet And Tender Hooligan.' mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.23)

Smiths -'Sheila Take a Bow.' mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.34)

Jesus and Mary Chain did pretty well in the Festive Fifty between 1984 and 1988, though they cropped up again in the nineties, too:

Jesus and Mary Chain -'Kill Surf City.' mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.39)

Jesus and Mary Chain -'Nine Million Rainy Days.' mp3 (1987 Festive Fifty no.41)

Madder Rose did well in '93 and managed a brace of entries in 1994 too:

Madder Rose -'Car Song.' mp3 (1994 Festive Fifty no.19)

Madder Rose -'Panic On.' mp3 (1994 Festive Fifty no.35)

Thanks to everyone who has helped me locate tracks. You rock.

You know what I'm going to ask now, don't you?

*weary groans*

That's right! I'm on the scrounge for stuff I still cannot find...

From 1994:

That Dog -'One summer Night.'

Orbital -'Are We Here.'

Salt Tank -'Charged Up.'

R.O.C. -'Girl with A Crooked Eye.'


Anonymous said...

love the shoppies take on motorhead, anyone know if lemmy and co. ever covered safety net? born to run is one of the best songs ever and definately the best song for those rare occasions when you get an open road with no speed cameras
gernmany are beating portugal, who'da thunk it?

Ed said...

Cannot imagine that Lemmy and co did shoppies stuff, but then, didn't Motorhead do something with the Nolans?!?!


Tom said...

Canadian hardcore band Fucked Up covered the Shoppies. If anyone wants to hear their versions of I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You and Looking Back I will copy to Ed if he wants to post.

Let me know if you still need the Orbital track (and which version!)

Ed said...

Tom - I would love to hear those versions, and if you have the Insustry (I think it's called!) version of the Orbital track that would be wonderful.

Thanks agaion, Ed

barbelith said...

thanks so much for ace of spades

very much appreciated

Ed said...

You are most welcome...