Monday, June 16, 2008

Much-sought after Peel and other stuff...

This post is dedicated to all the 17 Seconds readers who have helped me track down hard to come-by tracks that made the John Peel Festive Fifty. Thank you all muchly...

Antihero -'Rolling Stones T-shirt.' mp3 (2002 Festive fifty no.5)

Antihero - 'Who's looking out For Number 1?' mp3 (2001 Festive Fifty no.38)

Antihero -'You Got Nothing (session).' mp3 (2002 Festive Fifty no.37)

Primal Scream -'It Happens.' mp3
(1985 Festive Fifty no.44, b-side of All Fall Down, whihc was not in itself a Festive Fifty entry)

Buba and the Shop assistants -'Dreaming Backwards.' mp3 (b-side of 'Something to do' 7" -not a festive fifty entry)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy -'Little Boy Blue.' mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.46)

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy -'Little Boy Blue ii.' mp3

There will be more requests no doubt, but for now, either Steve at Teenage Kicks or I would welcome Burning Love Jumpsuit 'Cheerleader' if anyone can let us have it (the full version, not the two minute bit that got played on the radio!)

STOP PRESS: now in possession of the full track. Many thanks to everyone who sent it in. You rule!


Jim said...

Burning Love Jumpsuit -

Ed said...

Thank you! Ed

So It Goes said...

Godlike status is now yours. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ed, for the track and the shoutout!
P.S. Please tell Sam she is not a dickhead for not liking The Fall: I would have to include my wife too, if that were the case!!! I was just being flippant, no offence intended.
P.P.S. Still think they're the dog's nadgers, though.