Monday, June 23, 2008

Cognoscenti Vs. Intelligentsia!

Weird and wonderful, and potentially dismissed as a novelty act, the Cuban Boys had six entries in the Festive Fifty. These are all from their website, though they don't have their 'Vinyl Countdown' on there and nor does iTunes. Anyone who can help should get in touch via the email address...

Cuban Boys -'Drink Drink Drink.' mp3 (2001 Festive Fifty no.23)

Cuban Boys - 'Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia.' mp3 (1999 Festive Fifty no.1)

Cuban Boys -'Oh My God They Killed Kenny.' mp3 (1998 Festive FIfty no.6)

Cuban Boys - 'Theme For Prim And Proper.' mp3 (2000 Festive Fifty no.34)

Cuban Boys -'Flossie's Alarming Clock.' mp3 (1999 Festive Fifty no.28)

Cuban Boys official website has more music.

BTW, desperately still trying to find the following songs (amongst others). Please email if you have them:

Salt Tank -'Charged Up.'

Mass -'Hey Gravity.'

CSLM -'John Peel Is Not Enough.'

Grandmaster Gareth -'Dr. Dre buys a pint of Milk.'

XBooty -'O Superman.'


entrailicus said...

Ignore my comment on the following post.

I think I haver the CSLM track, I'll let you know.

Adam at FiS

Dirk said...


do you still need 'Hey Gravity'? I could send it to you ...


Dirk from Sexyloser