Thursday, June 05, 2008

Album Review: Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad -'Here, it Never Snowed. Afterwards It Did.' (Fat Cat)

Last year, The Twilight Sad's debut LP Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters indicated that here was a band from Glasgow who built upon their city's heritage and then blasted it away. Whilst they work on the follow-up, they have issued this six track mini-LP.

Although they view it as self-contained release, given that four of the tracks appeared on their debut, it will be viewed as a companion piece by many. But four of the tracks are re-workings (and the re-examining of them suggests that's a more appropriate word to use than re-recording, which infers their was something wrong with the original. Which blatantly there wasn't). There are also two new tracks here which make the price of admission worthwhile alone, a cover of Daniel Johnston's 'Some Things Last A Long Time' which closes the record, and the title track.

James Graham's vocals not only sound like they are sung from the heart, it's also refreshing to see that Scottish bands increasingly have the confidence to sing in their own accents (I wonder if Alex Salmond will take the credit for that,too?) Listening to this, I also hear more of the scottish folk influence coming through than I did on the debut.

It's no bad thing to view this as a companion release to the debut, rather it indicates just how much promise this band have -and indeed, deliver. Don't rush the sophomore, fellas, on this evidence, take all the time you need.


Here, It Never Snowed. Afterwards It Did is released by Big Cat on June 9.

Twilight Sad -'And She Would Darken The Memory (Original Version).' mp3

Twilight Sad - 'Walking For Two Hours (Original Version).' mp3

Twilight Sad MySpace


Huge Grunt said...

The Twilight Sad are one of these bands that don't release much but what they do release is brilliant :)

I'd say this is more of an acoustic re-working of their old stuff with a couple of new tracks, ok one is a cover. At a recent gig singer James mentioned it was an EP, it's not a full album release....and it's out on Fat Cat Records not Big Cat ;)

Ed said...

doh! on the record label.

as for mini-LP/Ep where is the dividing line? If they call it an EP fine, but as it has six tracks it's getting towards a mini-LP for me.

BTW the tracks I posted are from the LP not the EP, just to clear that up...

Huge Grunt said...

Ok ok, their myspace now says it's a mini LP, you win ;)

Youn can listen to (and buy) the mini LP here:

Anonymous said...

I saw them at Tigerfest and thought it was just safe music, i might buy the mini-LP though just to hear the cover of Daniel Johnstons song. Seems alot of bands these days cover Mr.Johnstons work aswell as him getting mentioned in NME alot these days.You picked up on that?

Ed said...

Cheers Hugh, no hard feelings, eh?

S.Willis -hope you're well, Haven't read NME much of late, but I would agree that I do seem to be much more aware of him these days than ever before.
BTW -when are you going to start doing your own blog?!

Huge Grunt said...

Of course, nae hard feelings ;)

I don't quite understand what S. Willis means by "just safe" and what would be classed as not safe? Each to their own of course.

Anonymous said...

Im fine thanks, glad exams finished with.I wouldn't know where to start.What made you ask?

Huge Grant -That was proberbly the wrong word to use.I suppose everyones comfort level is different in music i find Y. Bhekhirst and The Shaggs as my safe music and One True Voice as not safe music,the most dangerous music around.

Ed said...

S. Willis - thought with your knowledge and musical collection you'd do a good one. Get in touch via the email if you wanna know where to start.
Hopefully the definition of 'safe' has now been cleared up.

Glad exams went well...