Saturday, June 14, 2008

Some Low for Saturday

Call it slowcore, sadcore...or one of the most famous Mormon acts (well, alongside The Osmond family and uh, Wayne Hussey from the Mission, who was raised a Mormon), Low are something else. Supported heavily by Peel, I remember being utterly blown away by their 2001 album Things We Lost In The Fire, and when John Peel played 'Sunflower' I was genuinely moved. Though the first thing I ever bought was the Christmas LP and and the Dinosaur Act 7". From Rough Trade in London, natch.

THese three tracks all made the 2002 Festive Fifty, and I think listening to these, it's more than possible, given just how much I love the aforementioned Things... and 2005's The Great Destroyer that I have forgotten how good this album is too.

Low -'In The Drugs.' mp3 (2002 Festive Fifty no.16)

Low -'Canada.' mp3 (2002 Festive Fifty no.18)

Low -'(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace.' mp3 (2002 Festive Fifty no.36)

Low's official website

Do buy as much Low stuff as you can, if you like what you hear here.

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