Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's all going mad at 17 Seconds towers

...not in a bad way, just way too much to do, even to think about and try and write long posts. Bear with me...

School holidays start very soon; in the meantime, enjoy some Hendrix from the Peel Festive Fifties.

Jimi Hendrix -'All Along The Watchtower.' mp3 (1976 Festive Fifty no.5)

Jimi Hendrix -'Hey Joe.' mp3 (1976 Festive Fifty no.37)

Jimi Hendrix -'Voodoo Chile.' mp3 (1976 Festive Fifty no.16)


robert said...

Hmmn...I know the 1976 chart was a chart of listeners' all-time favorites, so wouldn't it be more probable that the Hendrix song listed as "Voodoo Chile" was actually "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", which was a #1 hit in the UK, rather than a fifteen-munite long album track?

Ed said...

Interesting point -I'd also had that thought as well.Checking both the BBC Radio 1 'Keeping It Peel' pages and Steve at Teenage kicks' far more authoritative lists, both of them list Voodoo Chile rather than Voodoo Child (Slight Return). If anyone knows which it was, let us know...please!

It's worth noting that the 1976 Festive Fifty list does contain some very long tracks: Genesis' 'Supper's Ready,' which clocks in at twenty-two minutes and Yes' 'And You and I' which is ten minutes long, and Pink Floyd's 'Echoes' which is over twenty minutes long as well, so people were voting for long tracks then.

monster paperbag said...

I never get tired of listening to these songs. Thanks for posting!

Ed said...

No worries!