Monday, June 02, 2008

A Great, Lost Album #2: The Darling Buds

The Darling Buds -'Crawdaddy' (Epic, 1990)

Their sophomore release, Crawdaddy appeared within eighteen months of their debut ...Pop Said. This album saw The Darling Buds embrace more of the 'dance' beats of the time, which was happening a great deal at that time on the indie scene, even those bands who had come out of the c86 scene.

1. 'It Makes No Difference.'
2. 'Tiny Machine.'
3. 'Crystal Clear.'
4. 'Do You Have To Break My Heart?'
5. 'You Won't Make Me Die.'
6. 'Fall.'
7. 'Little Bit Of Heaven.'
8. 'Honeysuckle.'
9. 'So Close.'
10.'End Of the Beginning.'

This does not seem to be available in the UK or US, unless you snap up a second hand copy, so many thanks to my reader Robert who sent me the files.

Disclaimer: I should categorically state here and now that I do not own the rights to this music, nor have I ever. This music is posted here in order so that people can hear the music, particularly those people who cannot locate a copy. I would recommend that if you enjoy this music you seek it out in a second-hand format and that the band and copyright holders re-issue it. If you are the copyright holder and do not wish we to post it here, e-mail me and I will remove it post-haste.


So It Goes said...

Thanks, ed. I can remember selling this in Our Price (not very many, it has to be said) and I think your initiative is brilliant.
I'll try to call you at the weekend: should be easier now I have every weekend free! (new job: wonderful).

Timm said...

I agree, this is a great album! I found this at a local Goodwill about a year ago (having sadly passed it by during the early '90's when it was readily, it's in steady rotation at my house! Nice post!

Ed said...

sig -cheers, sir, will post Erotica here soon too, as ...Pop Said has been re-issued in the UK.

Timm - thank you!

Michelle said...

Hey, thanks so much for Crawdaddy! I haven't heard this in probably 10 years. Wow!