Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The two most unlikely songs on the Festive Fifty ever?

My attempts to complete all the Festive Fifties continue apace.

Should I sneer at this song? Probably. But I'd rather this than 'Money For Nothing' any day.

Dire Straits -'Sultans Of Swing.' mp3

Meanwhile, Brooce has been criticised for his bombast, but I can't help wondering if he's been slagged unfairly for daring to be successful. Maybe one day he'll re-record Born In the USA -the whole album as opposed to just the title track, in the style of Nebraska.

Bruce Springsteen -'Born To Run.' mp3

Meanwhile, can anyone help with Public Enemy's 'You're Gonna Get Yours (Terminator X Dub Getaway mix)' to help me complete 1987, The Fall's Lucifer Over Lancashire (Theology mix) and Mighty Mighty's Is There Anyone Out There to complete 1986?

STOP PRESS: Now have these. relax etc..

Hope you're all well...



Peewit said...

Dire Straits first album from which this was taken was a good album and I saw them live before this was released and they were an excellent spiky new wave ish band.Unfortunately as they became successful so they became messianic sell outs. We don't always stay true to our roots!

Anonymous said...

I have practically all of the festive 50s now - let me know what you're missing.

Adam at FiS

Andrew K said...

Nowt wrong with admitting S of Swing to be a good, or even more than good, song.
Never much of a Bruce fan myself, but admire what I glean of the man, & Born in the US has a very different significant essence than that perceived by the dumbed down flag wavers.

entrailicus said...

Nice account of Peel's run in with Dire Straits at Niagara Falls in 'Margrave of the Marshes'.