Wednesday, May 14, 2008


still here. been off school for two days fighting the 'flu and trying to write reports. There are only so many variations on 'Your child is doing fine' i can come up with' and only so many polite ways I can rephrase 'your child brings out right-wing tendencies I didn't know I had...they are most likely to end up in jail.'

...I haven't abandoned the music either, but check out any of the ones in the right hand link. Don't forget me, there will be more music soon. Especially with the 500th post imminent!

Do yourself a favour, though. Get Santogold's album. It is amazing.

Love and hugs,

Ed Seconds XX


Anonymous said...

Manchester ground to a halt under the immigration of half the population of glasgow. we got sent home early as many roads were closed, so thanks for the early finish and thanks for the big city centre party. No thanks to the council who can't manage to install a working tv.

So It Goes said...

Sorry to hear you've had the flu too, Eduardo. Get better soon. Your blog is always a cause for celebration! Long may you run.

Ed said...

A.J. - just seen horrific footage of some of Glasgow's behaviour on TV. Not all of those north of the birder are like that, but hope Manchester is settling down again.

sig - feeling better now, thanks, did yesterday in school and will be in again this morning, but thank crunchie it's Friday!


Anonymous said...

never thought the scottish were, to be honest i'd be a tad put out if i'd travelled hundreds of miles and nothing was put in place properly, they've done this before for manchester united and england games so they the council have form for incompetance, the behaviour of the few doesn't detract that over 100000 scots decended on manchester and gave the city a carnival atmosphere for mopst of the day

Drunk Country said...

I'm somewhat flummoxed at the enthusiasm most are farting up over Santogold. I've not heard anything yet (.i.e. her 'output') that doesn't say totally boring bollocks wrapped up in a "let's cite the pixies as influence specifically because we've ripped off the pixies' bass sound/riff" rhetoric.

I didn't think anythihng would make me as annoyed at musci more than MIA's last offal, but I was wrong. Thanks Santogold for dropping standfards & ingenuity down a level or 20.

Ed said...

A.J. not a Rangers fan in any sense, but I guess there would've been a carnival atmosphere!

DC -um, afraid a big fan of both MIA and Santogold, but I guess each to their own... ; ))