Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Mrs. 17 Seconds!

It's Mrs. 17 Seconds' birthday today, so a song or two to wish my darling bride happy birthday.

and another song that reminds me of her:

Aberfeldy -'Love Is An Arrow.' mp3

Happy Birthday, love


david said...

Happy birthday Mrs 17 Seconds.
You should make her a mix-tape Ed, then let us have her comments :D

So It Goes said...

Happy birthday, Sam, even though I've only spoken to you once! Best wishes fromLouise and myself.

Michael said...

Awwww, so sweet. Happy B-day to the missus.

Ed, you asked about upping C81 for you - I just found it already upped here;

Michael said...

Doh!!! Strike that - I just noticed the post further down the page...

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to the missus, hope you are taking her somewhere nice for cocktails and/or food

Ed said...

I did take her out for food, and thanks for all the good wishes here!

Mr and Mrs. 17 Seconds.