Saturday, May 10, 2008

A whole lot of Hole

So, a focus on Courtney Love's music today...

This was Hole's first single from 1990. It comprised three tracks: 'Retard Girl' 'Phonebill Song' and 'Johnnies In The Bathroom.'
The lineup for this single and the follow-up was:
Courtney Love - Vocals, guitar
Eric Erlandson - Guitar
Jill Emery - Bass
Caroline Rue -Drums

Hole -'Retard Girl.' mp3

Hole -'Phonebill Song.' mp3

Hole -'Johnnies In the Bathroom.' mp3

The single was released on Sympathy For The Record Industry.

This single, with the same lineup as above, came out in 1991. Though it was the b-side 'Burn Black' was the track that entered the Festive Fifty in 1991 (or Phantom FIfty, as John Peel named it, because he felt the chart was too predictable, and didn't broadcast anything from it until 1993). It came out on the mighty Sub Pop.

Hole -'Dicknail.' mp3

Hole -'Burn Black.' mp3

This single was the only one to feature bassist Lesley Hardy. Jill Emery had left the band in 1992, while that same year drummer Patti Schemel replaced Caroline Rue. Schemel would be replaced by Samantha Maloney in 1998. This song was the last one released before Hole signed to Geffen for the albums Live Through This and Celebrity Skin.

Hole -'Beautiful Son.' mp3

Hole -'20 Years In the Dakota.' mp3

Finally, as a bonus because the debut album Pretty On The Inside is not available in the UK, seemingly, here is the opening track from it:

Hole - ' Teenage Whore.' mp3


Anonymous said...

never been a big fan of courtney loves hole (arf!), although celberity skin is a fine fine tune and the exception to this. Have you heard nerf herder's tribute to courtney love? very funny.

Ed said...

A.J. that's a rubbish gag. Haven't heard the Nerf Herder track, but would like to, though...