Sunday, May 11, 2008

From the sofa of my lethargy

Eeew...feeling, tired, lethargic and with far too much to do. And I seem to have got the 'flu in May. Hell.

Anyway, inbetween my lethargy, have ofund seven new (to me) sites that I think you should check out:

7"s from the Underground

Dirk Wears White Sox

Fruitier Than Thou

Madchester Rave On

Rare Indie Classics

Systems Of Romance

Take Two Pills

And for lethargy like this

The Pastels -'Nothing To Be Done.' mp3

Teenage Fanclub -'Nothing To Be Done (Pastels cover).'

See you later...


Anonymous said...

from my couch of joy i give you premiership champions for the 10th time and siteh losing 8-1, passed out on the couch through joy and possibly lager about four hours ago, woke up feel great, woo hoo championes chqampiones etc etc.
tjwill check those blogs though i doubt you'll be surpassed

Ed said...

Thank you! You may drop by again...


JC said...

I saw Stephen Pastel on the train this morning. I guess he was on his way to open his record shop...

Tall J said...

If you haven't seen it yet, you ought to check out this one

Ed said...

JC -oddly reassuring. Scotland is ne of the few places in the world I could ever imagine that happening. It is a very cool shop that Monorail.

Tall J -thanks for the tip, will check it out.


Anonymous said...

whats the e-mail address to send tunes to, the one given doesn't seem to work, let me know what it is and i'll try and send you some stuff

Ed said... should work.


Michael said...

Snap out of it, man, and get yourself over to Daytrotter ( - if for no better reason than the Emma Pollock session lurking somewhere within. I'd also recommend Holy F*$k, if only on what I've heard so far.