Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The majors have obviously woken up to free music.

This track was 'released' by the Offspring a few days ago. Now, I kinda preferred them in about 1995 (circa Smash) to what they went on to do, though it was great to see them break the Top 10 in the UK. This track is from their forthcoming album entitled Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace.

The Offspring -'Hammerhead.' mp3

Meanwhile, free music has seen an interesting development here in the UK. I don't know how it's working out in the rest of the world, but 7" vinyl singles have become progressively more popular once again over the last four years (the NME voiced the theory that it was to do with the 'impersonal' nature of mp3s). Whatever the reason, it's great. Even more impressive is the fact that the NME have over the last year or so started giving away free 7"s. Last year there was The White Stripes and Babyshambles; this very day it's Coldplay. The 'A-side' is the 'Violet Hill' track I posted a couple of days ago, and the b-side 'unavailable elsewhere' is this:

Coldplay -'A Spell A Rebel Yell.' mp3

More vinyl goodness to follow...


Anonymous said...

I got my lovely copy today.I used to dislike NME because i would see all of the "Indie" people at school talk about it but its good of them to give out these free 7"s.
It was the white stripes freebie that made me think twice about reading the magazine.I was shocked to see GG Allins name mentioned in it today.

Ed said...

I noticed that too. Maybe there's hope...

on the other hand, given that they referred to Paul Simon's Graceland LP as an album that readers' parents might listen to...maybe I'm too old to be the target audience at 31. somewhat disturbed by how many thirteen-year olds I teach have no clue who Kurt Cobain was. Or if they do it's 'the guy who shot himself.'



Anonymous said...

gawd bless ya, i've been a big fan of the offspring since the days of ignition and have seen them on all but one tour, whilst their later output has taken a downturn they were consistently good up to americana, and they always do a good gig, i'm hoping for a return to form with the new album.